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Silent Auction

Silent Auction 2015 orangeThe Silent auction is coming soon!

This year we have some great donations that you don’t want to miss including: a week of vacation at one of two beautiful summer homes, a couple bundles of tickets for four to at local pro sports game, a limo ride and dinner out for a small group of friends and even an opportunity to “Pie a Pastor!” (we supply the pies, you bid on a pastor, highest bidder throws a pie in said pastor’s face– for a good cause), Gift cards for your favorite Roscoe area restaurants, babysitting, slave labor, and much more! There will also be many more great offerings including all sorts of baked goods.

Bidding will start right after second service and there will also be lunch service with plenty of food at the snack bar for your family.

WHAT IS A SILENT AUCTION?  A silent auction is an auction without the auctioneer calling out numbers and calling on bidders, it is silent. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk, that just means that your bids will be recorded on a sheet of paper next to each item. On the bid sheet we will indicated the value of that item and a much lower starting bid along with suggested increments for you to increase your bid to keep it interesting and to maximize competition. After all, it’s not about who beat who by a nickel but about generously supporting our teens. When time is called at around 12:15 we will collect all the sheets and determine who bid the highest on and won the item. If you were the highest bid you will then pay the cashier and then you can take that item home with you. Please  follow the signs and come up the hallway staircase and sign in  at the sign-in table before you begin bidding.  Keep in mind that this is a fundraiser so generosity is encouraged!.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!Silent Auction 2015 orange