At Hope Church we look at the world around us with love and compassion.  We see needs and brokenness right outside our door as well as in the most remote areas of this world.

In every instance, we believe that the love of Jesus revealed through the gospel work of the cross is the primary means through which God intends to address and heal these needs. 

This is why we are committed to engaging in, supporting, and multiplying mission efforts that reach people in every corner of the world, with the message of Jesus’ love, starting with our own community.  As we meet the needs of people relationally in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways, we declare the glory of our heavenly Father who values all of humankind.  

Watch the following video to learn why we are pursuing strategic partnerships through our mission efforts.

Highlighted Mission of the Month

Take a look at some of the work being done through the efforts of Hope Church and those we partner with to build God’s Kingdom.

Stateline Pregnancy Center          

Hope Church supports Stateline Pregnancy Center on a monthly basis.  SPC was incorporated in 1985 and existed as a Pregnancy Hotline.  A few years later, they moved into a building on Grand Avenue in Beloit where they began seeing Clients on a one on one basis.  Fast forward 32 years to January, 2018 and the Lord has provided a building on Prairie Avenue where the ministry can be expanded.

Quoting Director of SPC Marybeth Karstedt, “Seeing abortion minded women have their babies is a glorious thing.  It’s the “why” of what we do.  We are selling security.  Our client needs to “buy” security and peace of mind by the time she finishes her appointment and walks out our door.  Everything SPC does matters.  That is why our new PATIENT FOCUSED APPROACH is considered the FIRST STEP TO LIFE.  IN 2017, SPC saved 45 babies from abortion, that we know of.  Dozens of pregnancy centers in the US using this new approach are seeing their babies saved numbers triple.”  Stateline staff have been trained in this new process and are excited to be using a new and better way to relate to their clients.  

For more information, contact Stateline Pregnancy at 608-365-5433 or www.statelinepregnancyclinic.org

Invitation to SPC Banquet

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